supernatural, intuitive, extending beyond the limits of experience

Original music in top-class performances that is sure to draw anyone in! At once introverted and bursting with energy – that is Daniel Skála, composer and one of the most original cimbalom players in the world, and his solo project…

This hour-long solo concert by Daniel Skála is based on the artist’s remarkable ability to create an atmosphere that absorbs you completely and won’t allow you to get out. As a composer and experienced improviser, he has created a work that is original, captivating, and unusual in many aspects.

This project is intended for the concert stage but also theatrical spaces, where set and light design can add new, unexpected dimensions.

In the composer’s own words: “Music is here to enrapture us, to give us no room to retreat, to help us find ourselves… It is a transcendental miracle we should be very, very grateful for!”