Re:Creation interactive courses

These courses were developed as a response to a long-term and universal call for expert-led courses focused on preventing and addressing burnout syndrome, the issue of stage fright and distress more generally, and on developing creative approaches and thinking. They are founded on principles of Creative Improvisation, i.e. a linking of methodically directed improvisational activities focused on creative development. 

The artists who created the workshop, musician Daniel Skála and visual artist Tomáš Volkmer, are working artist who also have years of experience as teachers. Their diverse professional focus allows them to bring disciplines together at the professional level that are often considered hard to combine. In the courses, they use exceptionally effective methods of musical, dramatic, and movement improvisation, various fine art activities and drama education methods with a strong emphasis on he development of creative abilities and the experiential character of all the activities.

weekend courses:

Day 1: afternoon block (4 hours); 

Day 2: morning block (4 hours), afternoon block (4 hours), evening (2 hours); 

Day 3: morning block (4 hours), afternoon block – recapitulation (2 hours); 

20 hours in total

Maximum number of participants: 15